MSPV Armoured Toyota Fortuner – Best Selling Armoured SUV

MSPV Armoured Toyota Fortuner – Best Selling Armoured SUV

Armoured Toyota Fortuner built by MSPV meets the highest standards of safety & undergoes extreme ballistics testing. Prepare to live! Our Armoured SUV are designed in such a way that its exterior gives it an appearance like general vehicles thus providing security to the occupants in disguise.

MSPV Armoured Toyota Fortuner offers uncompromising performance, high-security and beautiful styling all at an affordable price making this armored SUV a best choice for the budget-conscious client.


The Armoured Toyota Fortuner combined with MSPV protection creates a driving experience that satisfies both perceived threats and personal taste. The Armoured Toyota Fortuner is the perfect armored daily driver, providing solid protection while remaining low-profile. It does not attract any unwanted attention and is an extremely reliable and economic security solution.

MSPV Armoured Toyota Fortuner is a Popular Armored SUV in African & Asian Countries likes South Africa, India, Egypt, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Kenya. Due to its outstanding reliability under the most demanding conditions, the MSPV Armored Toyota Fortuner is ideal for your personal safety while on or off the road. It offers a very good balance of protection, reliability, comfort and value.

MSPV Armored Toyota Fortuner has specious and stylish interior, transport security personnel, executives, and diplomats capable of offering comfortable and safe travels.  There is five passenger seating arrangement and cargo capacity for luggage.  The complete passenger compartment has been armored with a large viewing window at the rear armored bulkhead.

MSPV Armored Toyota Fortuner available armoring protection from ballistic threats. All four sides and the roof top is protected high quality steel for different armour level. This armored vehicle offers the right mix of refined style with intelligent performance.

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