MSPV Panthera – Light Armoured Vehicles LAV

MSPV Panthera –  Light Armoured Vehicles LAV

Light Armoured Vehicles

MSPV developed Panthera Light Armoured Vehicles LAV to fulfil the urgent operational requirements of the Defence Force. The modular design of Panthera allows for the development of multiple variants with varied dimensions, roofs, body configurations and protection levels. Panthera is optionally mounted with a remote controlled weapon station or a small open roof turret. The vehicles are fitted with light, medium or heavy protection kits based on the mission requirement, while additional STANAG 4569 Level 3 (ballistic) and mine protection is also available.

The Panthera Light Armoured Vehicles (LAV) developed by MSPV is capable of carrying up to 8-12 troops. Panthera 4×4 configuration can serve as Armored Personnel Carrier APC, Ambulance, Recovery vehicles, Command vehicle, Reconnaissance vehicle, Military vehicles and Police vehicles. It can be deployed in troop transport, convoy escort and protection, search and rescue (SAR), patrol and fire support missions.

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